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The best advice I’ve seen so far about how to find a literary agent comes from Jane Friedman. She has a wealth of  experience and is well-respected in the world of publishing. Take a moment to read her sage advice about agents and all things publishing on her blog: Jane Friedman.

I’m reading her newest book, The Business of Being a Writer, and I highly recommend it for all writers. You can purchase it at your local bookstore or on Amazon.


Dominoes and Biscuits

The bride of Christ has left the building.

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I am pleased to announce my essay, “Dominoes and Biscuits” was published by the

Longridge Review

Their mission is to present the finest essays on the mysteries of childhood experience, the wonder of adult reflection, and how the two connect over a lifespan. I am honored my essay was selected for publication.

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Famous Book Rejections

Writers, whether published or not, struggle to get published, and struggle mightily with rejection. It is good for authors to remember that even the best have suffered through multiple rejections. That list includes Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, and J.K. Rowling.

Mental Floss Magazine has compiled a hilarious list. Click on the link to read seventeen of the most pathetic literary rejections from Louisa May Alcott to Kurt Vonnegut.

Outrageous Author Rejections